How Maine Retirement Savings Program Seeks to Boost Security

With rising concerns about retirement savings shortfalls, Maine has taken action through a state-sponsored retirement program. The Maine Retirement Savings Program aims to provide an easy, low-cost way for employees to contribute to a Roth IRA even if their employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan. The program exemplifies creative solutions states are pioneering to address gaps in retirement security.

By automatically enrolling eligible employees and facilitating payroll deductions into Roth IRAs, Maine’s program seeks to significantly expand access and participation. Employees retain full control and can opt-out at any time. But auto-enrollment harnesses inertia to nudge people to save. With over 40% of Maine’s private sector employees lacking employer-sponsored plans, the state program fills a major gap.

As more states look to improve retirement outcomes, Maine’s program offers a model for a state-facilitated approach to promote savings. The program aims to help thousands of Mainers boost financial security through the power of starting early and long-term compound growth.

Why Maine Launched a State Retirement Savings Program

Several factors led Maine policymakers to enact the state-sponsored retirement program in 2019:

  • Only 53% of Mainers have access to a workplace retirement plan currently.
  • Maine’s population is rapidly aging, increasing future needs.
  • Initiatives in other states demonstrated these programs’ potential.
  • Research shows automatic enrollment dramatically raises participation.
  • Maine saw an opportunity to address a major financial challenge proactively.

With Social Security often insufficient for full retirement costs, and 401(k)s unreachable for many, Maine sought an inclusive solution. The state program now provides expanded access to convenient, low-cost Roth IRA savings opportunities.

Maine Retirement Savings Program

How Maine Retirement Savings Program Works

Maine’s program automatically enrolls eligible employees into a Roth IRA administered by a private financial services firm on behalf of the state. Here is an overview:

  • Applies to employers with over 10 employees lacking other retirement plans.
  • The default contribution is 5% of gross pay, adjustable by savers.
  • Contributions invested in target date funds based on age.
  • The Roth IRA structure allows tax-free growth potential.
  • Employees can opt-out or adjust contributions at any time.
  • Maine oversees the administration and ensures safer protections.
  • Savers retain ownership of accounts if they change jobs.

The mechanics aim to remove traditional obstacles like limited plan availability, enrollment hassles, and investment expertise requirements. Auto-enrollment and portability help sustain participation long-term.

Key Benefits for Maine Workers and Employers

Maine’s program offers significant advantages for eligible employees and participating companies:

For Workers:

  • Easy enrollment into Roth IRA through existing payroll
  • Low fees negotiated by the state
  • Tax-free growth potential over decades
  • Portable savings workers fully control
  • Opportunity for substantial account growth over time
  • Access to retirement savings previously unavailable

For Employers:

  • Simple facilitation of retirement savings
  • Manageable implementation with state support
  • Minimal administrative responsibilities
  • Can help attract and retain talent
  • No employer contributions required
  • State oversight protects employer interests

Strong opt-in rates so far indicate Maine workers’ demand for more accessible retirement savings options.

Maine Retirement Savings Program

Educational Component Critical for Success

In addition to facilitating contributions, Maine’s program includes a vital financial education element. This recognizes that building retirement security requires more than just access to accounts. To strengthen financial literacy, the program provides:

  • Online financial wellness education module for savers
  • Retirement planning resources and workshops
  • Projection tools to model potential growth
  • Communications outlining smart saving approaches
  • Details on managing and consolidating retirement accounts

Arming savers with knowledge and context on saving helps drive engagement and informed choices. This can magnify the program’s overall impact.

Future Expansion Plans to Broaden Reach

Given strong initial results, Maine policymakers plan to continue enhancing the program over time:

  • Expanding to smaller employers with just 5+ workers
  • Creating a marketplace for individual savers
  • Adding options to invest in Maine public pensions locally
  • Facilitating employer-matching contributions
  • Integrating adult learners and apprentices
  • Enhancing financial education offerings

By starting to narrow and refine, Maine aims to address more residents’ retirement needs and security over time. The state will also coordinate with other state programs to improve portability and education.


Maine’s innovative state-run retirement savings program demonstrates the power of public-private coordination to address a major financial challenge. The initiative provides a roadmap for other states looking to expand residents’ retirement preparedness and outcomes. While still new, the program shows enormous potential for helping thousands of Mainers save and work toward financial security.

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