The Gig Economy and Retirement Opportunities in 2023

Many retirees today seek rewarding ways to earn supplemental income through freelancing, passion projects, or entrepreneurship. The rise of digital platforms and remote work options make this more accessible than ever. In 2023, joining the gig economy or creating your own micro business offers seniors flexible ways to bring in extra funds or just pursue enjoyable side hustles.

This blog covers the most promising gig economy roles, remote jobs, and micro business opportunities ideal for retirees in 2023. Whether looking to boost earnings or just stay engaged, the possibilities await to define work on your own terms.


One great gig area that leverages career expertise involves consulting in your industry or specialty. Options include:

Freelance Consulting – Create a website and offer advisory projects or hourly consulting remotely to companies or groups. Great for seasoned experts.

Online Platforms – Join specialized freelance platforms like Catalant, Expert360, Fiverr or Upwork that match skilled professionals with clients worldwide.

Boutique Consulting Firms – Join a niche consulting practice to advise clients across projects in a more structured environment alongside colleagues.

Nonprofit Consulting – Charitable groups often need knowledge in areas like finance, HR and tech but have limited ability to pay. Pro bono or discounted consulting provides fulfilling contributions.

Government Expert Networks – Apply your experience advising government agencies and military through elite consulting marketplaces like Innocentive.

Consulting delivers purpose and meaning by enabling you to still apply hard-won knowledge while setting your schedule.

Tutoring and Teaching

Retirees can also leverage their knowledge, skills, and experience through tutoring roles:

Gig Economy and Retirement Opportunities in 2023

Virtual Tutoring – Tutor students of all ages online via video chat in academic subjects you know well. Sites like Varsity Tutors and Wyzant connect tutors with students.

Test Prep Tutoring – Specialize in preparing students for major tests like the SAT, LSAT, GRE or ACT, tapping methods you used successfully.

Music Lessons – If instrumentally-skilled, offer online or in-person music lessons to young students in everything from guitar to piano using apps like TakeLessons.

Language Instruction – Teach languages you speak fluently on platforms like Verbling or NiceTalk by conversing with adult learners abroad.

Technical Coaching – Tutor adults seeking to gain tech skills through sites like Udemy or Skillshare by recording how-to videos or teaching live online.

Customize tutoring around your strongest academic or technical subjects while structuring your schedule.

Writing and Editing

Retirees can also generate income by freelancing their writing, editing or proofreading skills:

Blogging – If you have a niche expertise like travel, finance, or cooking, start an ad-supported niche blog and earn from content views.

Direct Writing Gigs – Provide copywriting, editing, content creation or translation services on demand via freelance marketplaces like Scripted, Content or LinkedIn ProFinder.

Ghostwriting Books – Apply your writing talents to penning memoirs, business topics or other manuscripts for clients under their name through ghostwriting services.

Corporate Editing and Proofreading – Lend your editing, fact-checking, and proofreading skills to companies producing reports, proposals, articles or other written materials by networking or through freelance sites.

Newsletter Writing – Take on recurring newsletter or blog writing roles for companies, covering topics you enjoy researching and writing about.

Writing and editing skills translate well to supplemental retirement gig work given the online opportunities today.

Ridesharing and Delivery

For social retirees interested in an extra activity, roles like driving for rideshare services or food delivery allow earning through mobility:

Gig Economy and Retirement Opportunities in 2023

Ridesharing – Provide rides through popular apps like Uber or Lyft. You control when and how often you drive. Great for pending empty nesters.

Food/Grocery Delivery – Apps like DoorDash or Instacart allow earning through restaurant food or grocery delivery gigs at your convenience.

Courier Delivery – Play Matchmaker delivers packages and items between buyers and sellers as an on-demand courier with apps like TaskRabbit or Roadie. You set hours.

Medical Transport – Assist seniors or those requiring specialized mobility assistance through healthcare transit apps and services. Leverage your accessibility-friendly vehicle to serve a critical need.

Airport Shuttle Services – With the right vehicle, provide door-to-door airport shuttle or private car services for travelers through independent gigs or apps.

Driving-based roles provide a sense of purpose while exploring your community. Limited hours prevent overload.

Virtual Assistant Services

For administrative doers, virtual assistant opportunities utilize organizational skills to support clients flexibly:

General Administrative – Provide client support handling email, data entry, documentation, scheduling, travel arrangements, and general organization.

Social Media Management – Oversee clients’ business social media accounts, drafting posts, developing content calendars and engage audiences.

Client Intake and Sales – Onboard new customers, answer questions about products or services and convert leads into sales through warm outreach.

Handyman Coordination – Serve as point person arranging home maintenance repairs and improvements on behalf of homeowners who need assistance managing projects and contractors.

Concierge Services – Assist busy households by managing calendars, planning events, managing families’ to-do lists and other lifestyle organization tasks.

Virtual assisting provides diverse opportunities to put your administrative gifts to productive use from home.

Specialized Technical Roles

Retirees with in-demand technical skills also find fertile ground for remote work:

Gig Economy and Retirement Opportunities in 2023

Software Development – Code apps, websites, programs and scripts on contract through platforms like Toptal to businesses in need of programming support.

IT Consulting – Provide virtual or on-site IT project consulting for setup, maintenance, networking, and troubleshooting through freelance marketplaces or your own business.

Data Science – Offer statistical modeling and analytics services to help organizations harness insights from data through marketplaces like Kaggle.

CAD Drafting – Freelance computer-aided design services creating technical drawings, plans and designs remotely as needed by engineering firms.

Cybersecurity Consulting – Leverage your security experience managing threats through independent cybersecurity consultation gigs. High demand for seasoned experts.

Technical Retirees can capitalize on high-value remote work and consulting through the gig economy thanks to digital connectivity.

Transcription Services

For meticulous listeners with quick typing abilities, transcription gigs leverage skills converting audio or video recordings to text documents:

General Transcription – Transcribe meeting recordings, interviews, speeches, workshops and other audio or video content for business or personal clients.

Court Reporting – If certified, provide official legal court reporting services like trial or deposition transcripts through freelance court reporting opportunities.

Medical Transcription – Transcribe doctor’s notes, prescriptions, or patient reports securely for healthcare providers. Domain expertise improves accuracy.

Media Transcription – Transcribe podcasts, videos, vlogs, social posts, and other media content for production companies or as automated content.

Call Center Captioning – Provide real-time call captioning for contact centers to aid hearing-impaired customers through services like CaptionCall.

Detail-oriented retirees can leverage their knack for making sense of recordings through flexible transcription gigs.

Making Retirement Microbusinesses Work

Beyond formal gig roles, many retirees create micro businesses converting passions into profits:

Gig Economy and Retirement Opportunities in 2023
  • Turn a hobby like baking, arts and crafts, or photography into an online store or local business.
  • Offer small group instructional classes on skills ranging from gardening to fishing to woodworking.
  • Provide local services like pet sitting, maintenance help, home organizing or technology assistance.
  • Develop informative walking tours showcasing insider knowledge of your community or travel destinations.
  • Build vacation rental income through an extra property, van camper rental, or Bed and Breakfast.
  • Sell products you’ve cultivated or made locally like honey, preserves, crafts or artisanal goods.

Microbusiness opportunities let you chart your own path doing what energizes you most. Keeping costs lean allows profits.

Preparing for Gig Economy Retirement

Transitioning smoothly into gig work and micro businesses in retirement requires:

  • Establishing an emergency fund covering basic living expenses for 6-12 months to ease anxiety.
  • Ensuring you have adequate health insurance through Medicare, a marketplace plan, or your spouse. Look into supplemental Medigap plans.
  • Selecting profitable niches matching expertise developed through your career and unique experiences.
  • Building an online presence with a portfolio, website, profiles, and branding to stand out.
  • Developing offerings with flexibility allows control over schedules, workload and availability.

With the right preparation, gig work provides purpose and prosperity in your later years. The opportunities await in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement Opportunities

How much can retirees earn annually through gig work?

Typical earnings range from an extra $10,000 – $30,000 per year depending on the niche, time commitment, and whether gigs provide full or supplemental income. Highly successful microbusinesses can earn much more.

Should you completely retire before starting gig work?

Phased retirement transitioning from full-time work to gig roles allows sampling new pursuits while maintaining income. Some even shift to gig work without fully stopping traditional work.

What obstacles do retirees face entering the gig economy?

Challenges include learning new technology, competing against younger workers, marketing services effectively, financially covering gaps between gigs, and establishing credibility and trust as a newer provider.

Can gig and passion work jeopardize Social Security benefits?

If earned income from gigs exceeds $19,560 in 2023, Social Security benefits may be reduced or taxed above certain amounts. Understand impacts.

Which retirement gig niches are easiest to break into?

Tutoring, driving services, virtual assisting, writing, and local services leverage skills retirees already have allowing faster onboarding than niches requiring advanced new credentials and marketing.

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